Discover the Hidden Beauty of New York with Paul Jung

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Discover the Hidden Beauty of New York with Paul Jung

There are infinite ways one can see New York—in fact, even if you live there, it seems like there’s always something new to discover. It’s a city that’s alive with energy at all times of the day, on every level and around every corner. The drive from uptown to downtown not only takes you to different parts of the city but different parts of the world. From its inhabitants to its architecture, New York is truly a melting pot, which can often be overwhelming to residents and visitors alike. It takes skill, focus, and a trained eye to seek out moments that aren’t screaming to be seen.


For Paul Jung, this is his forte. In “The Shape of New York,” one of the three stories in the City Evocation series created in partnership with Land Rover USA, Jung takes us around the concrete jungle. We travel alongside him in the new Range Rover Evoque to watch his creative process and learn how his perspectives of the city influence and inspire his work. WATCH:



A New York resident since 2004, Taiwan-born Jung creates a show-and-tell about the various (and sometimes contradictory) aspects of his adopted city: the micro and the macro, the noise and the stillness, the conscious and the unconscious. New York’s architecture has a beauty that’s not immediately obvious because everything around it is constantly moving. It can be a challenge to access this quiet beauty, let alone discover its hidden appeal.




However, sitting in the driver’s seat of the Evoque—a vehicle built for urban adventures—Jung shows that taking a drive (especially in this city) can uncover the intricate details that make New York special. In the video, Jung brings awareness to these layers—the shapes and edges that typically go unnoticed.




For more insight behind the creative mind of Paul Jung, check out his story and hear from the other artists in the City Evocation Series here.

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