Rilak’s Relax House in Alibunar, Serbia by Modelart Arhitekti

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Rilak’s Relax House in Alibunar, Serbia by Modelart Arhitekti
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Rilak’s Relax House is a family residence in Alibunar, Serbia, designed by Modelart Arhitekti to be a vacation home with all the bells and whistles. The two-story structure consists of a ground floor with the public living spaces and one bedroom and bathroom, and the attic that houses three bedrooms with an open sitting area in the middle.

The design’s geometry reflects traditional houses found in Vojvodina and it was built so that the long length of the house would ensure the living spaces opening up to the backyard. A wide expanse of the back part of the house is cut out with sliding glass doors that allow the living room and kitchen to extend out to a terrace. All of the glass leads to a brighter, larger feeling interior.

The black brick facade was broken up with yellow details that were paired with the windows. While the exterior may be dark, it’s a far contrast to the light interior.

Inside, the living room features high ceilings that give a visual of the upstairs gallery.

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