A Rural Home in Suffolk for a Retiring Couple
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Designed by Mole Architects for a retiring couple, Stackyard is a two-story home on the border of Palgrave village in Suffolk that neighbors a farmhouse. Despite its rural location, the exposed timber house is completely modern.


With views of the northwest, the home is surrounded by greenery, which can be seen through the asymmetrical composition of windows.


The house gets its name from the architectural enclosures you find in the areas that are used to store corn.


Mole was inspired by the classic rectories housed near the edge of villages, which feature square plans and strong rooflines. Their design has a split level that works with the sloping land the house sits on.


The entryway leads to a double-height atrium, heading right into the living quarters.



Inside, the ceilings are relatively high and feature deep timber beams, helping to warm up the modern interior.




Photos by David Butler.

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