Sam Greig Furniture Design

Sam Greig is a recent graduate of the Contemporary Furniture Design course at Buckinghamshire New University who creates simple and elegant wood furnishings. He applies the Danish concept ‘Hygge’ within his design approach. ‘Hygge’ doesn’t really have a direct translation in English, so Greig explains, “Hygge in my own understanding is that near perceptible atmospheric sensation ascertained through the engaging of comfortable, nostalgic human behavior amidst flowing conversation and good food and drink in the company of your loved ones, be they friends, family, whatever; essentially those people you feel at complete ease with. It is an all-consuming warmth, not outwardly joyous nor is it calm cordiality, but deep unequivocal contentment.”

Below are Greig’s descriptions of his work.


Avsnitt Armchair
The Avsnitt Armchair is the outcome of an exercise in developing a construction principle whereby an entire piece can be produced using the same oval section throughout. The resulting design is a 1960s Scandinavian inspired armchair ideally suited to large-scale batch production due to the nature of the single piece construction. With the exception of the single joint in the back leg, the entire armchair is joined using a series of housings, which are held in place using a single dowel. The armchair is constructed using an American Cherry frame, with grey tweed upholstery supported by hessian webbing.



Avsnitt Trestles
Developed as part of a progressive range of furniture, the Avsnitt Trestles utilize the same single section construction as seen in the Avsnitt Armchair. The archetypal trestle layout combined with the more contemporary aesthetic of the oval section proved the idyllic medium to further represent the merits of the Avsnitt construction principle. The trestles are constructed from American cherry and joined using a single cherry dowel at each junction. Designed to give a subtle inoffensive aesthetic the Trestles support a wide variety of table tops, be it glass, solid timber, a form of board and so on.


Mantis Chair
The Mantis Chair is the reaction to an investigation into the honest and pragmatic use of timber as a material to create a highly versatile aesthetic. The design embraces the use of wood as a singular material and is applied candidly to create a highly comfortable chair without the use of laminating or steam bending. The combination of a genuinely comfortable seat and backrest coupled with the sharp, angular form proves a pleasing paradox. This chair is constructed entirely from Elm.



Pinched Desk
The Pinched Desk is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional wooden school desk. The design takes particular inspiration from the seamless appearance of Japanese puzzle boxes, resulting in the minimal aesthetic of a seamless body of wood ‘pinched’ within the oak frame – thus disguising the storage within. The body is constructed from 9mm Birch Plywood which sits within an American Oak frame.

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