Samsung M8 Monitors Color WFH With Entertainment Options

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Samsung M8 Monitors Color WFH With Entertainment Options

There’s been a considerable amount of talk in both fashion and interior design about the reemergence of color not merely as complementary component, but as the conspicuous focal point in what we wear and how we live. And with tech devices playing such a prominent role in modern homes, it seems time is due for more tech manufacturers (beyond Apple) to embrace this growing trend. One of the most pleasing is Samsung’s new quartet of pastel, nature-inspired M8 Smart Monitors.

An arrangement of all four Samsung M8 monitors against a white curtain and floor backdrop, shown in (left to right, top to bottom) Sunset Pink, Warm White, Daylight Blue, and Spring Green.

Designed as colorful brushstrokes intended to paint home offices and other workspaces with a sleek minimalist design in four nature-inspired soft hues – Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue, and Spring Green – the 32″ 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) display seems ideal for those forgoing a separate television for an all-in-one solution, blurring lines that once separated monitors intended for work and screens purchased solely for entertainment.

“The M8’s palette of four colors was inspired by the theme ‘Shades of Nature.’ Gazing at the clear blue sky on a bright sunny day, recharging in the lush green forest, or finally bathing in the glow of a sunset.”

– Kyounghoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Design Team, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics

With more and more people consuming streaming content from their desks during the last two years of WFH as an adaptive and adopted norm, the M8’s built-in ability to stream content from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV via Wi-Fi without having to connect to a PC or TV might be appealing, especially for those with an existing PC, but desiring a larger screen. Samsung also includes a small remote control with buttons dedicated to subscription service apps.

Samsung designed the M8 to hide away unsightly cables and cords behind a wide height-adjustable and tilting stand. Additionally, a magnetic and removable SlimFit Cam with face tracking and auto zoom function can be added or removed as needed to keep a work setup free from clutter between video calls.

It’s near impossible not to think of the colorful 24″ iMac range, but the M8’s larger screen size, expanded OTT capabilities, and option to add a PC via USB-C does distinguish the two as differing interpretations of a “stand-alone” solution.

The M8’s ability to operate as a streaming media screen means it doesn’t have to stay bound to rooms dedicated to work.

The Samsung 2022 M8 Series Smart Monitor is available for pre-order starting at $699.99 for white and $729 for the three tinted color options.

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