Samuel Wilkinson Designs BEEM: A New Family of LED Light Bulbs

11.26.18 | By
Samuel Wilkinson Designs BEEM: A New Family of LED Light Bulbs

Considering how far we’ve come in many aspects of design, it’s surprising that light bulbs haven’t advanced that far, except for a few, like Hulger and Samuel Wilkinson’s revolutionary Plumen 001 which launched in 2010. Wilkinson went back to the drawing board and has co-created a new family of LED bulbs with LED-lighting specialists Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra, of well-lit, that will make you re-think the light bulb. BEEM comprises contemporary light bulb designs that are bold, graphic, and playful, made possible by advances in flexible-filament LED technology.

The inaugural pieces in the collection, SMILE and CURLI, are outfitted with the latest soft-filament LED that allows for unique shapes while emitting bright, warm light for up to 25,000 hours at minimal energy use.

CURLI swirls around to create an asymmetric coil that curves up and around the socket.

Left: SMILE 03 Center: SMILE 01 Right: SMILE 02

SMILE comes in three versions, SMILE 01 (U-shaped), SMILE 02 (upward curve), and SMILE 03 (straight line), all equally playful.

BEEM bulbs are available exclusively from The Conran Shop.

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