Sculptural Chairs Inspired by Art by Benjamin Nordsmark

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Sculptural Chairs Inspired by Art by Benjamin Nordsmark

Danish designer Benjamin Nordsmark recently built four sculptural chairs as a way to challenge himself through craftsmanship and creativity. Each chair had its own set of materials and working methods, clearly showing the inspiration behind each chair.

Benjamin Nordsmark Gaudi Chair 2

The Gaudi chair is inspired by the columns in the Church La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Made of steel, the legs mimic the columns while the body is sturdy enough to sit on. The interesting shape of the chair ends up giving off very interesting shadows.

Benjamin Nordsmark Gaudi Chair

Benjamin Nordsmark Picasso Chair 2

The Picasso chair is a mixture of old steel sheets and pipes. Nordsmark cut, shaped, and welded them together to create the sculptural piece. As is evident by its name, it was inspired by Pablo Picasso, specifically his cubism paintings and drawings in light.

Benjamin Nordsmark Picasso Chair

Benjamin Nordsmark MCE Chair

M.C. Escher chair has an optical illusion – it’s as if you can see straight through the seat and back, due to the 3D patterns in different colors. The body of the chair is constructed in oak, while the frame is built with steel.

Benjamin Nordsmark MCE Chair 2

Benjamin Nordsmark Fuco Ueda Chair 2

The Fuco Ueda chair is named after and inspired by the Japanese painter known for her paintings of Japanese schoolgirls in her own surreal worlds. Nordsmark replaced two legs of an original dining chair with ones that look like female legs. The front of the seat was also sanded and painted blue, mimicking the folds of a girl wearing a blue dress.

Benjamin Nordsmark Fuco Ueda Chair

Which one is your favorite?

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