Sculptural Furniture Collection From Glen Lewis-Steele

04.04.16 | By
Sculptural Furniture Collection From Glen Lewis-Steele

Based in Melbourne, designer Glen Lewis-Steele has one philosophy when it comes to design: “One glance is not enough.” Thus his latest collection, aspires to cause double takes in all the viewers, and maybe even a “change of whiplash.”

Lee 1

This hanging cube light, named Lee, almost seems to change as people move around it. Its slightly asymmetrical form moves with the viewer, inviting them to unveil its secrets.

Lee 2

Coral 1

The Coral lamp has a thin but solid tube protruding from a contrasting concrete base. The user can change the angle and level of lighting by raising and lowering the tube with the cord attached.

Coral 3

Coral 2

Valerie 2

The Valerie lamp is a unique concoction of modern technology and older rituals. A melting candle drops and streams down the light, where it’s caught in a copper cradle and builds over an LED bulb. Its dripping form gives nod to the serenity of water, while its modern shape creates a sculptural look.

Valerie 3

Rex 4

Basic wooden stools are transformed in the Rex stool. Familiar forms are regrouped into a new, unfamiliar outcome to arouse curiosity.

Rex 1

Rex 3

Rex 2

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