Sculptural Life-Size Lighting By LZF Lamps
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Remember that movie Big Fish? This is like Big Fish literally come to life.

LZF_09_Koi by Inocuo The Sign & LZF Lab

Life-Size is a brand new collection by LZF Lamps that explores art and design through large scale, sculptural lighting. The first piece is Koi Fish, a “real, life-size illuminated light fixture that defied gravity”. Massive and glowing, the fish is the result of years of intensive labor and study to create a looming light unlike any other.

LZF_07_Koi by Inocuo The Sign & LZF Lab

The collection was first inspired by the way light diffused through overlapping wood veneer. The rippling effect reminded them of fish scales, which they dubbed Koi Fabric. Then, LZF Lamps’ founders, Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, were inspired to create a 3D Koi with scales that glittered like the Koi Fabric.

LZF_06_Koi by Inocuo The Sign & LZF Lab

Five years later, Koi Fish was born as the first piece in the Life-Size Collection. Along with Koi Fish are the Funny Farm animals by the illustrator Isidro Ferrer and Dandelion by Burkhard Dämmer.

LZF_14_Elephant by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

LZF_17_Fish by Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

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