Sculptural Outdoor Furniture and Accessories by Swisspearl

Swiss brand Swisspearl has been around since 1903 creating sculptural outdoor furniture and accessories through collaborations with European designers. The products are made from a fiber cement blend that includes cement, powdered limestone, cellulose and synthetic fibers, water, and air that result in lightweight yet durable pieces that are resistant to rain, frost, and non-stop sun exposure. Most of the pieces come in a few shades of grey that can be mixed and matched for a tonal look or kept one color for a more minimalist feel.

While many of the products were designed in recent years, they have some dating back to mid-century years, like the Loop Chair designed by Willy Guhl in 1954.

Dune Lounge Modular Sofa by Rainer Mutsch

Dune Lounge Modular Sofa – Left by Rainer Mutsch

Dune Lounge Modular Sofa – Centre by Rainer Mutsch

Dune Lounge Modular Sofa – Right by Rainer Mutsch

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl

Porto Low Table

Porto Side Table

Kyoto Planter by Michel Bruggmann

Sumo Planter by Sternform

Bonsai Planter by Patrick Schöni

Spindel Planter by Willy Guhl

The Swisspearl collection is available online via Robert Plumb.

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