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EOS and Shapeways Develop New Affordable 3D Printed Material for Prosthetics

Shapeways is venturing to aid developers of affordable medical orthosis and prosthesis solutions with PA11 – a new bio-based nylon polymer.

3D Printing + The Internet = Awesome: A Chat With Shapeways

I’ve watched Shapeways grow like crazy over the past few years. The company is a community-based designer and artist marketplace that …

A 3D Pendant Lamp That Dims With a Twist

A 3d printed pendant light designed with an adjustable open and close shade that controls the brightness with a simple twist.

Joe Doucet Designs for the Future of Dining with 3D Printed Hybrid Vessels

A collection of 3D printed hybrid vessels that have the future of dining in mind.

The Classic, Centuries-Old Game of Chess Gets a Modern Redesign

You’ve probably never seen a chess set like this one before.

A Movable, 4D Printed Dress Made with Kinematics

The first movable dress 3D printed and ready to wear right out of the printer.

Geometric Silhouette Rings by OBJCTS

3D printed unisex rings that come in four geometrically shaped silhouettes.

“You Are How You Eat” Contest Winners

Learn more about the winners of the "You Are How You Eat" Contest.

“You Are How You Eat” Design Contest – Vote For Your Favorite to Win!

Time to vote for the winner in our "You Are How You Eat" design contest!

Win $1,000 + More – Enter Our Utensil Design Contest!

Just a reminder that the "You Are How You Eat" contest closes on October 19th so you better get your entry in!

Tips & Tricks for 3D Printing in Photoshop CC

Adobe shares some great tips and tricks for getting a file ready for 3D printing using Photoshop CC.

Enter The “You Are How You Eat” Design Contest

Reimagine today's eating utensils and you could win $1,000 from Alessi, an Adobe software subscription, and Shapeways 3D printing credit!

3D Printed Rings Inspired by a Brazilian Instrument

A sculptural, 3D printed ring inspired by the Brazilian caxixi instrument.

Wake Up Better With The NESCAFÉ® Alarm Cap

The NESCAFÉ® Alarm Cap might make it a little easier to get up and out of bed in the morning...