SEEN Wants to Repair Your Skin by Caring for Your Hair

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SEEN Wants to Repair Your Skin by Caring for Your Hair

When the topic of skincare comes up, most people automatically think of a specific range of products: lotions, moisturizers, oils, serums, sunscreen, face masks, and the like. However, according to Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin, M.D., there is something else you should start to consider whenever you want to make good decisions to better your skin: your hair products.

At first, you might think there’s a disconnect between hair care and skincare but actually there is a direct correlation. Think about it: your hair is the closest thing to your face, and if you have longer hair, it’s always in contact with your face. In the shower, inevitably whatever you use on your hair will also end up on your face, neck, and body. So if you’re experiencing issues like breakouts on your skin, whether it’s on your face, chest, or back, it could be because the hair products you’re using are comedogenic (meaning they will clog your pores, the tiny holes in your skin where breakouts happen when inflamed) and they’re irritating your skin.

That’s why Dr. Rubin created her hair- and skin-friendly brand, SEEN. The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, and blowout cream (all in fragranced or non-fragranced versions) that help to nourish your hair without compromising your skin. SEEN is formulated with ingredients that are “natural when possible and safe synthetics when necessary.” This is because natural/organic ingredients can actually irritate, and synthetics can be better alternatives. SEEN uses a chamomile derivative that helps soothe skin, a plant-derived alternative to silicone that protects the hair cuticle, and a plant-derived natural humectant (meaning it helps provide moisture) to nourish your strands.

We were so blown away by this hair-and-skin connection that we wanted to find out more from the creator of SEEN herself.

Why should people think of haircare as skincare?

“What’s on your hair is on your skin. Many people don’t realize it though hair care products can leave a residue on your skin hours after using them, and not just your scalp, your face and back too! Even rinse off products can leave an invisible film on your skin which can potentially clog pores, leading to breakouts, or irritate your skin. That’s why at SEEN we put our hair care through skin care testing. SEEN is clinically proven to be non- comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and non-irritating, so you don’t have to compromise your skin’s health for beautiful hair.” – Dr. Iris Rubin

What’s one misconception you think people have about hair products?

“I am a Harvard trained dermatologist and I created SEEN since I was getting acne from my hair care products. I think many people don’t realize hair care products can cause acne and breakouts as well as other skin issues. We use our shampoo and conditioner, rinse and forget about it… our skin does not! Hair products are designed to stick to the hair to give you those beautiful locks. They also can get on the skin and stay on the skin. Anything you put on your hair has a good chance of getting on your skin.” – Dr. Iris Rubin

Will SEEN help people who have shorter hair?

“Yes! Hair products make their way onto your skin even if you have short hair. Shampoo and conditioner rinse down the face and body in the shower. Leave in products can transfer to the skin not just directly from the hair, also from a towel or pillowcase. And when you exercise hair, product residue can travel via sweat to your face.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can benefit from SEEN’s clean and luxury beauty experience. SEEN has won 7 beauty awards!” – Dr. Iris Rubin


Let’s talk about design. SEEN’s packaging is so fun, it has won awards! Can you share more behind the design + thought process for creating the brand?

“SEEN’s brand aesthetic reflects a balance of simplicity and luxury. So many beauty brands are over the top in their styling, or froufrou. We believe in a personality that is strong, smart, straightforward, luxurious without the frills, efficacious without being boring, beautiful in a modern sense – while still being approachable” – Greg Maged, Co-founder & CEO

“The beauty industry treats your skin and hair like separate entities. But you’re one beautiful system. We created the SEEN brand and packaging with that in mind. Using layered, semi-translucent and interconnected tones to visually express the link between haircare and healthy skin. What touches your hair touches your skin. All framed within a bold and confident logo that provides gender neutrality and looks great in your shower.” – Sharon Werner, Werner Design Werks

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