Sena House in Bangkok Features a Giant Glass Wall

Bangkok-based architecture firm Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated recently completed Sena House, a modern home that features a large glass wall that filters light into the space in an engaging way.

The glass wall functions as an actual wall with properties like a window. However, due to its makeup of smaller glass bricks, privacy is maintained from the outside looking in.

After being led past a fish pond, visitors are greeted with a double-height hallway and a living room before entering through the main door. The ground floor consists of a living room, a dining space, and a kitchen.

An L-shaped staircase that leads to the second level wraps around all the rooms on the ground floor.

While walking up and down the stairs, there are multiple viewpoints that allow observation of the majority of the volume of the home at once.

The second floor is the main living room, which is meant to be occupied during most of the day. The feature glass wall sits at this level and reflects natural light into the room while casting unique shadows from its grid pattern.

Three bedrooms occupy the third floor. The bedroom walls facing the exterior of the home feature two-layer walls, partially made from the large glass wall that continues up from the second level. The second layer offers a mirroring effect that creates a feeling of privacy.

Photos by Rungkit Charoenwat.

Emily Engle is a freelance writer based in NYC with an interest in all things design, specifically the design process. When she's not writing about design, Emily can either be found taking care of her 31 houseplants, going on "nature" walks in her neighborhood or studying Japanese.