Serena Confalonieri Translates Motifs Into Mesmerizing Wallpapers

03.03.21 | By
Serena Confalonieri Translates Motifs Into Mesmerizing Wallpapers

Photo: Andrea Agrati

Designer Serena Confalonieri’s collection of wallpapers for Wall&decò are inspired by a number of different motifs, from the glitches and blips on screen devices to historic unexpected geometries. While the inspiration for the Starlight and Rainy wallpapers might be vastly different from one another, the end products prove that patterns can be found anywhere and make for mesmerizing interiors.

Starlight uses star-shaped graphic elements and decoration, reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting and the artistic movement of that era. The other design element is patterned background with colors that are inspired by historic Florentine marbled papers. The texture emulates the movement of glitches on a digital screen, but also the frenetic brushstrokes of impressionist paintings.

The Rainy collection draws from nature’s geometric designs and inspirations. Here, the classic stripe motif gets an update with the added circles, like trailing drops of morning dew or shooting stars. The colors are soft and autumnal, bringing a warmth to interior spaces.

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