Session Goods’ Surrealist-Inspired Collection of Modern Smoking Essentials

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Session Goods’ Surrealist-Inspired Collection of Modern Smoking Essentials

The pleasures associated with the enjoyment of cannabis vary as widely as the methods in which to use it. But one thing is for sure, a large part of its appeal is tied directly to the liberating effects the plant material has upon human brain chemistry. For ages cannabis has operated as a tool to tap into the creative unconscious, to relax or excite the mind toward a positive altered state where new ideas and hidden emotions are revealed in chromatic clarity. So it seems perfectly natural for leisure lifestyle brand Session Goods to look to the most storied of mind explorers – the avant-garde Surrealists – to tint their new Session Surrealist Colorways accessories line – the Surrealism Silicone Accessories for Water Pipes and Surrealism Silicone Pipe Sleeves – in dreamy fashion.

Updated in a trio of vibrantly hued and interchangeable silicone pieces, these new optional add-on accessories are designed to embellish Session Goods’ flagship bong and handheld pipe as a heady evocation of the liberation of the mind. Or as the brand avows, “to dream freely, desire deeply, and make memories that lead people to embrace the surreal, achieve escape, and foster creativity which ultimately leads to peace and a more fulfilling life.” All in all, it sounds like a good time to be had, if you ask us.

Citing the Surrealist works and theories of Magritte, Dali, and Breton, the hues of the Session Surrealist Colorways accessories have been chosen to subtly parallel some of the most evocative works of the historic art movement, using Pantone 315 C (Dream), Pantone 348 C (Desire), and Pantone Warm Gray 2 U (Memory) to wrap borosilicate glass with a protective soft-feel silicone wrap.

The new Session Surrealism Silicone Accessories will be available as interchangeable silicone accessories designed for the Session Goods Water Pipe (Water Pipe sold separately).

While the aesthetic of this line may intend to tap the subconscious, the tools they accessorize have been designed with purposeful and rational details: high-quality borosilicate glass thoughtfully sculpted to deliver the effects of flower comfortably and securely in two forms (because nobody wants to ruin a session by dropping their bong or pipe).

For example, the Session Goods’ Water Pipe (bong) is shaped lengthwise with an indentation allowing for a comfortable grip while also visually directing attention to the bowl and downstem. Both the included and optional Session Surrealist Colorways soft silicone accessories offer users the option to swap and mix-and-match colors as desired, while imparting an additional improved level of grip to eliminate the possibility of reality interrupting any interludes of pipe dreams. The set includes a footer, two grommets, and one tab.

Session Pipes with Surrealism Silicone Pipe Sleeves in Dream, Desire, and Memory (sold separately)

For those looking for something more portable than a bong, the smaller Session Pipe presents a more personal and intimate means of enjoying cannabis on-the-go, complete with its own colored silicone carry sleeve. Like its larger bong counterpart, the Session Goods Pipe is designed to facilitate an improved state of mind without the worries of accidents, now with an option to swap out its protective silicone sleeve with one of the new Surrealism shades – Dream, Desire, or Memory – sold separately. All silicone sleeves feature a steel keychain that easily attaches to your bag or belt loop.

The Session Surrealist Colorways, Session Goods Water Pipe and Session Goods Pipe are all available at the Design Milk Shop Smoking Accessories section in a variety of options to color your next session.

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