Shanghai Expo 2010

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 has a showcase of buildings designed by a variety of architects around the world, on display until October 31, 2010. You can think of it as an Olympics with architecture instead of athletes. Here is a sampling of the amazing pavilions.

United Kingdom, Thomas Heatherwick

Australia, Wood Marsh and Think!OTS


China, He Jingtang

Denmark, BIG, ARUP and 2+1

Germany and China, Markus Heinsdorff

Israel, Haim Z. Dotan

Japan, Yutaka Hikosaka

Republic of Korea, Mass Studies

Luxembourg, Francois Valentiny

Nepal, Nepal Implementing Experts Group (IEG)

Netherlands, John Kormeling

Poland, Wojciech Kakowski, Marcin Mostafa and Natalia Paszkowska

Saudi Arabia, Collaboration between Chinese and Saudi Arabian architects

Serbia, Natalija Miodragovic and Darko Kovacev

Spain, Benedetta Tagliabue

Sweden, SWECO

Switzerland, Buchner Bründler Architects and Element GmbH

Taiwan, Lee Chu-yuan


United Arab Emirates, Foster + Partners

[via ArchDaily]

Photos by AFP and Chaz Hutton.