Signals Sculptural Installation by McConnell Studios

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Signals Sculptural Installation by McConnell Studios

Raleigh, North Carolina based McConnell Studios, led by designer Matt McConnell, dabbles in many arenas, like creating custom sculptural installations for residential, commercial, and public spaces. The latest is a 1,865-pound, 16′ x 16′ x 4′ sculpture, named Signals, that was installed in the lobby of an Indianapolis company.

Watch the massive piece being installed:

Description from McConnell himself:

The concept is an expression of the path of information, the signals that transmit audio, video, imagery, and the data we rely on every day. Movies, Television, Websites, Business: Everything moves at lightning speed and the depth of these systems is amazing.


Inspired by an image of signal wave from the commissioning company’s website, as well as continuing on with a previous theme of an earlier piece entitled Momentum, sine waves took form with repetitive rhythms and and bands of color woven in to attract the eye. Each color is meant to draw you into whatever wavelength you like best.


Five vertical sections bolt together and attach to the base that’s made of a 1000-pound steel plate, making sure it’s not going anywhere.









Process shot

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