Skew House Is Built on an Angle to Honor Its Praying Room

06.19.20 | By
Skew House Is Built on an Angle to Honor Its Praying Room

The Skew House in Kerala, India takes its name directly from one of its unique architectural details. In order to honor the religious tradition of facing the proper direction while praying, Thought Parallels Architecture had to tilt the shape of the guest house where the home’s built-in prayer room resides.

This home is all about privacy, from the lush vegetation camouflaging the home from plain site, down to its actual design: two separate homes connected by a shared living space. The larger structure was built for the family, the smaller structure was built to house guests, and the central living space was designed to bring everyone together.

Steel and wood are the property’s primary materials, but traditional details like exposed clay brick walls and natural mosaic marble flooring add balance.

The guest home includes a living room, prayer room, and bedroom.

The home’s linear format allows maximum natural light to enter the space and provides easy ventilation when the windows are open.

The main staircase is made fro=m steel but also features a traditional wood carving pattern cut into it.

There are multiple bedrooms throughout the property, and each features special material details that set them apart, from marble flooring to sophisticated wood panels.

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