Chair Green by Javier Mariscal

Chair Green is a minimalist chair created by Spain-based designer Javier Mariscal for Mobles114. The chair had a more holistic engagement with its production and design cycle in that its focus was to use 100% recycled materials. The company’s aim is to manufacture quality products that value minimal environmental impact over everything else.

As a result, Chair Green was designed following the process of the Ecodesign Management System ISO 14006. Green reduced its environmental impact by 65.7%. Polypropylene and recycled cardboard are the main constituents for this chair’s easily disassembled parts. The final color of the chair is created using a powder-coated epoxy.

At first, Chair Green somewhat reminded me of BluDot’s Real Good Chair. However, after I learned more about the company’s intentions, and the chair’s design process, I am now much more enamored with Chair Green. I feel like most product designers are still neglecting the importance of environmental sustainability. Part of the reason why I love minimalism so much is due to the limitations of material and waste involved in the design.

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