Distance of Fog in Japan by StudioGreenBlue

Situated in the suburbs of Tokyo, Distance of Fog is a recently completed project by Japanese-based StudioGreenBlue. The client was interested in an open floor plan that suited their lifestyle. The house was designed, as per request, with extended brightness into the rooms and natural illumination between the common spaces. Because the house was decidedly opened up into the street, privacy became one of the main concerns.

This concern eventually transmuted itself into an aesthetic opportunity. Since the proximity of the home to the adjacent cul de sac presented a challenging dilemma between privacy and disconnect, the architects envisioned a concept in which the visual range would be broken up, but not completely blocked off. Inspired by the filtering of images, StudioGreenBlue adjusted the level of visual information penetrating through multiple layers, creating an effect similar to looking though fog.

The placement of the walls, windows, and even the house’s location on the site were all taken into consideration in order to maximize the visual surroundings without compromising privacy. The fog effect is achieved through multiple layers of overlapping perforated metal. As a result, a moiré pattern is formed and constantly changed according to the position of the viewer.

Ultimately, the intricately pierced patterns, when infused with the interior’s minimal setting, creates a pleasantly surreal atmosphere. The design intention may have seemed quixotic at first, but the end result clearly defines the success of this project.

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