Egg Box by Otília Andrea Erdélyi

Egg Box is a minimalist packaging design by Hungary-based designer Otília Andrea Erdélyi. Erdélyi is currently a masters student studying at Moholy-Nagy University. The goal was to redesign the egg crate using as little material as possible, while still providing enough protection for the eggs.

The box is made of microwaved cardboard, and consists only of one piece using ellipse shaped cuts. Erdélyi claims that the eggs, although exposed, will not break due to the ample protection the packaging provides. Other benefits of this particular design include its ability to be stacked, as well as its transparency so that consumers do not need to open the container to check for broken eggs.

I never really gave the design of the egg crate much thought, mostly because I’ve lived with the same cardboard container design my whole life. As a designer, I detest the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I believe there is always a better, more efficient way to approach a design, and in this case, Erdélyi’s Egg Box. Not only does this crate improve on the original design’s functionality, but is environmentally friendly and waste-efficient as well.

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