Kumagai House in Japan by Hiroshi Kuno + Associates

01.27.11 | By
Kumagai House in Japan by Hiroshi Kuno + Associates

I love the contrast a modern home instigates when placed within a traditional residential district — in this case, Sapporo, Japan. Immediately distinctive, unmistakably contemporary, and strikingly minimal, the Kumagai House, designed by Japanese-based Hiroshi Kuno + Associates, balances the scale between architecture and landscape.

The structure is composed of two structures: a three-level tower and a single-story base. The base section is buried 28 inches into the ground — deep enough that the dining table becomes level with the outside garden. The rooftop of the base section, which raises an individual slightly above street level, becomes an additional space within itself.

The tower, although physically separate, accommodates the base section with a broad visual of the surrounding neighborhood and scenery. Standing eight meters tall, the tower provides its residents with a stunning view of the mountainous regions within the area. The entire structure is constructed of wood and reinforced concrete.

Photography by Anna Nagai / Hiroshi Kuno + Associates.

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