Lacquered Paper-Objects by Nendo

Nendo is back again with another stunning creation, Lacquered Paper-Objects. Commissioned by Italian firm, Nilufar, the small containers are created by using 3D printing technology to cut, stack, and paste pieces of paper together to generate the form’s foundation.

The surface of the objects are then encased with lacquer. The lacquer acts as both an aesthetic feature and as an adhesive to glue the pieces of paper together. The lacquer is pulled at the paper’s surface and the result is a unique texture slightly resembling wood grains.

This actually might be one of the cooler production processes I’ve seen of late. Nendo never fails to impress me, and the fact that all it took was a 3D printer, some paper, and a bit of lacquer to create such detailed and beautiful objects is something to be envious of. I hope they expand the collection to include even more objects.

Photos by Hiroshi Iwasaki.

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