Pipe by Luca Nichetto
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Luca Nichetto, an Italian designer who studied Industrial Design at IUAV, is no stranger to some of the world’s most esteemed design-conscious manufacturers. Most notable are his sources of inspiration — whether it be a music video, or an armor design of a Japanese warrior — he is somehow able to formulate masterful interpretations from ostensibly quixotic visions of his imagination. One of his latest projects, a light fixture titled Pipe, was created in collaboration with the prestigious Established & Sons.

The lamp, in all of its minimalist glory, is a multifunctional design with a distinctively peculiar form. The contrasting elements within this piece blend seamlessly into an artistic composition. The translucent bend juxtaposed with its solid-colored base beautifully transitions light with varying degrees of intensity and diffusion. Specifically, the lucid material is a sand-blasted Pyrex tube amalgamated with a polycarbonate lens and a powder-coated aluminum base. While most modern lights are designed with as little enclosure as possible, Nichetto preferred to accentuate Pipe’s structure as a fundamental basis for its clean aesthetic.

The light comes in two sizes, and can take the form of a table lamp or a wall sconce. Its dimensions vary between a radius of 4.5 and 6.7 inches on the table lamp, and 3.5 and 4.3 inches on the sconce. Each of the various colors — ranging from white, black, and red — delineate their own, unique disposition. The white is simple and straightforward, the black creates heavy contrasts, and the red exudes eccentricity and prominence. Thanks to Nichetto, Pipe was created as a clean lighting design unique in both form and function.

Photos by Peter Guenzel.

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