Stay Residence by StudioLOOP

Stay Residence is a three-story building located in a distinctively dense area of Tokyo, Japan. Designed by StudioLOOP, the house is squeezed between two other three-story residences. The clients requested a parking area, vanity near the bedroom, two offices, a living room sharing a Japanese room, pantry space in the kitchen, and a roof terrace.

The structure was built with diminishing walls toward the upper space, and more open windows and overt regions. The upper floors attracted more natural light and served as a primary source of ventilation. The box-shaped exterior is constructed of white stucco, and the only color used is orange for the entrance.

The overall design of the home’s interior is incomparable to any western or European home I’ve seen. The amount of light that penetrates through the top floor is staggering, and illuminates the beautiful wood that outlines the windows, floors, and staircase. I love how there are different levels within each level. The spiral staircase is also a great design within this narrow home as a way to save space.

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