W+W Stationary Series by Oliver Franz

W+W Stationary Series is a minimal design created by Oliver Franz for Ideaco. The “W+W” stands for white ceramic and wood – two elements that complement each other with flawless beauty. Franz worked as a furniture craftsmen in his earlier years, and ultimately received his Bachelors in Industrial Design in Sweden. He has worked in design offices across the world including Sweden, San Francisco, and Osaka.

White ceramic and wood were the materials of choice due to their atmospheric warmth and purity. The tray contains a white cubby – which houses pens, paper clips, and other small items – a memo pad, and a smartphone stand. The memo pad holds A7 sized paper that you can attach using a clip. There are also grooves within the tray that can hold the charging portion of the iPhone 4/4s/5 when not in use.

I have always been a fan of designs that coalesce white ceramic and wood. What I love about W+W Stationary Series is how it provides functionality for our everyday tech items, but is still able to maintain a traditional sense of craft and aesthetic. I would really love to see this collection grow beyond just the tray and tape holder.

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