Skyline House by Terry & Terry Architecture

Terry & Terry Architecture designed the Skyline House at the top of the Eastbay mountain range in Oakland Hills, California, overlooking Oakland. The young homeowners longed for a home that was open and focused on the unobstructed views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the southwest Bay, as well as the garden.

A deck extends off the main living space, essentially extending the square footage. Due to the weather and temperature swings, a wood tube was constructed within the common area to help keep the interior cool. The undulating roof draws your eye from the front outdoor space through the house to the back deck.

The new kitchen and dining room connect the front to the back, while creating a new outdoor dining area out front by the garden.

A trellis extends out from the back roof to offer protection from the direct sun.

Photos by Bruce Damonte Photography, via v2com.

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