Small Biz Spotlight: Session Goods Designs Modern Smoking Essentials

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Small Biz Spotlight: Session Goods Designs Modern Smoking Essentials
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As attitudes and perceptions surrounding cannabis continue to shift, so do the designs and needs of smoking essentials. Session Goods, a small lifestyle brand creating modern pieces that feel more like home goods than paraphernalia, believe these moments of pleasure and indulgence should be celebrated in a beautiful way. Their big picture vision is to inspire indulgence through permissible vices, creating an experience that helps keep people in the moment longer. Similar to the Swedish concept of Fika – a time to pause, socialize and refresh – Session Goods hopes to bring that feeling to the grind culture we live in, one that’s often full of stress, anxiety and depression. Their latest release drops today: Retrowave. The three color collection allows users to choose between interchangeable silicone accessories for the Session Bong and Session Pipe. The fresh colors – Paradise, Horizon and Moonlight – are vibrant and bold, a departure from the rest of the brand’s more subdued palette. Session Goods has created three Spotify playlists synced to the individual colors (Paradise, Horizon and Moonlight) to put you in the right aural space to relax and enjoy, whether you choose to partake or not.

bong and pipe collection

Retrowave Collection \\\ Photo: Sydney Brown

woman holding pipe

Horizon \\\ Photo: Sydney Brown

two people passing a bong

pipe and silicone sleeve

bong and packaging

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