Snooz Breez Fan & Sound Machine Cools With Warm Mid-Century Design

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Snooz Breez Fan & Sound Machine Cools With Warm Mid-Century Design

Are you one of the countless sleepers who benefits from the constant aural presence of white noise? If so, you are exactly the person the designers of the Snooz Breez Smart Bedroom Fan were thinking of when designing their air-circulating device. Equipped with independent controls that allow sleepers to separately customize airflow and the amount of ambient noise produced while the fan whirs away, this little bedside companion is made to help make falling asleep a breeze.

Snooz Breez Fan and Sound Machine with bent plywood base stand set on top of a light wood bedside table with a glass of water, set near a bed topped with white and blue pillows, yellow art on the wall, and a faux palm plant to the right.

Subtly illuminated lighting across the Snooz Breez touch control staged in a dark setting simulating night.

Subtly illuminated lighting across the Snooz Breez’s touch panel controls allows sleepy eyed users to adjust air flow and sound without disrupting the chances of falling back asleep.

The Breez’s brushless DC fan motor is quipped to maximize air circulation without producing more than a minimal amount of noise, a feature that is common in most household fans. Where the Breez stands out is the inclusion of a second smaller fan impeller designed solely to introduce the soothing constant whir of noise that some sleepers rely upon to welcome deep sleep.

Hand holding Apple iPhone with Snooz Breez Fan and Sound Machine app opened showing scheduling and settings for temperature preferences.

The 2-in-1 appliance is app controlled and can be adjusted using touch controls on its front face, with 10 settings to circulate air able to move up to 380 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The Breez also includes a temperature sensor, allowing the fan to kick in or turn off according to your ambient temp preferences, saving energy, and also preventing users from feeling too hot or too cold while asleep.

Herbst Produkt design studio concept sketches of the Snooz Breez fan showing various iterations of the product's design, including the user interaction and shape of the fan's stand and main impeller vent shape.

Herbst Produkt Design went through numerous iterations to finally land on an elegant Eames-inspired mid-century form factor imagined to blend in the rest of a room’s decor.

Breez staged at the foot of the LCW lounge chair by Ray and Charles Eames on its right with fan's red cord snaking underneath and out to the left.

In contrast to its cooling function, the Breez’s design was warmly executed by design, brand, and strategy consulting agency Herbst. The team of designers drew inspiration from the mid-century tradition of bent plywood, utilizing layers of natural wood veneer to shape a fan that Ray and Charles Eames might have approved of. In fact, the design firm specifically cites the Eameses and their LCW bent wood lounge chair as the epitome of “nature and technical machine in balance” and “to evoke comfort and rest for the bedroom environment.”

Detail side of the Snooz Breez fan focused upon the bent plywood stand's left side imprinted with a subtle Snooz logo; the fan's red cord can be seen snaking out from the right side.

The $200 Breez Smart Bedroom Fan & Sound Machine is much more expensive than other fans of its size, but considering its 2-in-1 functionality, app, and touch controls, and distinctly modern genuine wood design that elevates its presence within a room from necessity to decorative nicety, consider us a fan.

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