A Stool Made From Only One Sheet of Plywood

Mu Hau Kao, a design graduate at the Camberwell College of Arts, has created a stool made from a single sheet of plywood in a design that is so sleek, it won the coveted 2015 New Designer’s award at 100% Design in London.


100% Design director William Knight said:

Mu Hau Kao’s ‘Ply Stool’ stood out as an example of determination to succeed against the advice of manufacturers. By experiment and commitment a simple, practical and commercially primed product emerged.



The plywood sheet is bent and curved into a U-shape that creates the entire structure of the stool. A slightly curved inner dome shape creates the seat and the footrest doubles as a stopping point for easy stacking. The chosen natural material and lightweight nature of the stool aides in its simple, minimalistic aesthetic.



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