The Story Behind Dust

We’ve featured a jewelry collection that’s made up of an unusual material, dust. Now, we examine another collection of bespoke vessels, telling the life story of dust.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters

While dust is often viewed negatively, associated with dirty or unkempt environments, designer Lucie Libotte seeks to reimagine dust with Dust Matter(s). She looks at dust almost like a mirror— it reflects how we go about our daily life and our journey through life.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters1

She went to various homes collecting samples of dust, analyzing its components. Libotte then brought them to life by using them as a coat on ceramic objects that tell a story of their origin location. Next, she plans to create new design pieces with dust that speaks the full story of found dust. We can’t wait to see what she creates.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters3

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