Summit Nesting Tables by Moving Mountains

Summit Nesting Tables is a minimalist design created by Brooklyn-based design firm Moving Mountains. As the company name suggests, Moving Mountains is an industrial design practice that wants to move beyond its boundaries to the convergence of design, art, and fashion. The studio prides itself on creating a diverse range of domestically-made products focused on a refined sense of simplicity and functionality. With that being said, all furniture pieces are made by hand, and crafted with solid wood.


The nesting tables can be stacked to build a mountain, or nested to create plateaus. As a result, the design is versatile and can be used as shelving or seating. A unique joint is met at the apex of where the legs meet, and creates a strong and stable foundation for the surface. The tables, made entirely in the U.S., are constructed of solid ash, and can complement a variety of environments.


The idea behind this collection was inspired by Mies Van der Rohe’s quote, “An interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve.” Due to the absence of ornamentation, various design elements and details come to light, which must then be carefully examined in order to achieve the timeless simplicity that draws an emotional connection to the object.



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