Swing Back Into Childhood Play With the Restless Chair

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Talent, technological know-how and unconventional solutions led designer Karel Matějka to the creation of an innovative kinetic chair named Restless. Its introduction is happening during Milan Design Week – “supersalone” – at the Czech Centre in the General Consulate building. Restless is the latest object in Matějka’s L’Instabilité series, offering an unconventional look at movement in furniture design. The playful chair is organically shaped, and has the ability to swing as well as rotate on its axis, instantly transporting the sitter back to childhood play.

one white and one red rounded chair sitting on white floor

“I enjoy creating things that have some added value, some element of surprise and fun, and movement is one of the main impulses that make such experiences possible,” says Matějka. “I wanted to do something unconventional, not only in the sense of design, but also in the sense of movement itself. I love the feeling of euphoria and joy when you are free to play like a child. It’s incredibly liberating. I want people to experience exactly that feeling when they sit in my new chair.”

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Restless chair finds its place in the private sector as well as public spaces. Choose from a range of bright colors and get ready to release tension, relax and recharge.

red rounded chair sitting on white floor

red rounded chair sitting on white floor

black, white, red, and light blue rounded chairs scattered around a grassy space

black, white, red, and light blue rounded chairs scattered around a grassy space

woman walking towards a red rounded chair with foliage in the foreground

portrait of light skinned man with blonde hair wearing a black shirt and red jacket

Karel Matejka \\\ Photo: Eva Korinkova

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Photos by Jan Mahr.

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