Take 5: Transparent Speakers, SPF Misters, a Designer-Filled Home + More

Twice a month we’re inviting one of the Design Milk team members to share five personal favorites – an opportunity for each of us to reveal the sort of designs we use and appreciate in our own lives from a more personal perspective. Social media consultant Maivy Tran returns this week for our Take 5 series.

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Take 5: Transparent Speakers, SPF Misters, a Designer-Filled Home + More

1. Transparent Speakers

A brand that lives up to its name in design, sound, and business practices. Transparent hooked me from the moment I saw their award-winning speakers. Made with aluminum and tempered glass for long-lasting quality, its unique transparency allows it to blend seamlessly into any room. Designed for a circular economy, the modular design allows for repairs and upgrades as needed since technology is constantly evolving. If it’s less (electronic) waste, it’s a yes from me.

@adenwang's loft in San Francisco, CA. featuring various designer-brand furnishings

another view of @adenwang's loft, featuring a wall shelf behind a brown couch, orange spiral stool, green rug, and coffee table

2. @adenwang on Instagram

If I could explore anybody’s home, it would be @adenwang’s interior designer-filled space in San Francisco, California. Full of all the big names, his loft is ablaze with every color and shape that I can only imagine it feels like a hit of dopamine walking into the room. With all the craze surrounding the Barbie movie, I immediately gravitated towards the adorable pink donut pouf from Hem, but as I explored his Instagram page further, I found myself adding every piece to my wishlist.

Lanshin Massagers by ACERA in Oyster Grey, Salt Pink, and Sage

3. Lanshin Massager by ACERA

Hot stone massages are a treat, but going to the spa routinely can add up to big bucks. As an alternative, this at-home tool has been something I’ve been eyeing for my overly tense shoulders. Made of porcelain and glazed with crushed tourmaline crystal, it’s like having a hot stone massage right in the palm of your hand. The tourmaline is what’s key, as it’s a special crystal that emits far-infrared heat energy when heat is applied, allowing you to experience a more penetrating, therapeutic type of heat to relieve your muscles.

The Folder Wallet Collection featuring the blue Untitled Folder Wallet and yellow New Folder Wallet

The Folder Wallet Collection featuring the PC Folder Wallet and the Manila Folder Wallet

4. The Folder Wallet Collection

During one of my late-night scrolls in April, I happened upon the Untitled Folder Wallet from @nikbentel and I thought it was so ingenious! Now he’s released three more designs for The Folder Wallet Collection and I don’t know which one I need. From each wallet’s design to the reels created to showcase them, I’ve really enjoyed how he’s executed it all. Whether you’re a PC or Mac user, there’s a folder wallet for everyone. There’s even a manila folder wallet for those who are more traditional with their folder preferences!

Habit SPF Misters in N38 Cucumber and N39 White Peach + Neroli

5. Habit SPF Misters

With summer in full effect, I’ve been extra adamant about applying my facial sunscreen every day. The problem with the fine print is that most people, myself included, forget to “reapply every 2 hours.” When it’s midday and I’ve already gotten myself done up for the day, the last thing I’m thinking of is to reapply my SPF. Luckily, these misters make it too easy that I end up feeling guilty for skipping this step! Designed for touchless application, all you have to do is spray and you’re good to go. I especially like to keep mine in the fridge for a cool, refreshing pick-me-up before I head out into the heat. Plus, they smell absolutely delicious!

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