TEAM 7 Releases Their Sustainable 2019 Collection

European kitchen brand and manufacturer TEAM 7 creates extraordinary furniture in solid wood, and is regarded as a pioneer of environmentally friendly designer furniture as well as one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable furnishing concepts. TEAM 7 successfully expresses the principles of nature in a contemporary design language again and again, and their new releases for 2019 continue to emphasize solid design and top quality wood craftsmanship.

wall shelf, C form

As the functional areas in our homes continue to merge and fulfill several functions more flexibility is required, and the new pieces cater to today’s desire for all-in-one solutions in a modern household.

“Our new products for 2019 showcase the breadth of our functional know-how at the highest level,” emphasizes Dr. Georg Emprechtinger.

cubus pure sideboard

TEAM 7’s products are never mass-produced, rather every item is made to order to the customer’s specifications. For some pieces measurements and inclusions such as drawers, doors, and interior dividers can be configured according to preference. Each piece brings with it charm, quality design, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

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filigno sideboard in oak white oil

filigno sideboard with wooden handles and wood panel base

hood clothes rack, haiku mirror and filigno dresser

haiku combi wall panel with lighting, and filigno dresser

filigno highboard

filigno wall unit with extremely slim console

the new dining chair: grand lui with slender wire frame

grand lui with Maple fabric and swivel base

mylon bedside cabinet

mylon bedside cabinet

tema table in oak white oil, filigno sideboard and lui/grand lui chairs

tema in oak white oil with A-frame

tema table in walnut, filigno sideboard and lui/grand lui chairs

tema table

wall shelf, U form

yps bench with wood panel base

lui/grand lui family

mylon dressers in oak

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