Tekio: A Modular Shelving Solution By Tanner Goods
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Have you ever bought a storage unit for your home but, after a year or two, realized your lifestyle changed and that the furniture no longer suits your needs? Portland-based Tanner Goods realized that life is fluid and our furniture needs to be able to adapt to our ever-changing lives. They recently introduced their first modular shelving solution, Tekio, designed to solve this very problem.

Inspired by mid-century design aesthetics and made from quality oak and walnut hardwoods and high-grade aluminum and steel components manufactured right here in the U.S., the Tekio range is offered in nine different configurations, from a simple bar cart to a 3-column shelving system. The shelving units are all height-adjustable to your preferences so that they can adapt to whatever environment you place them in, whether that’s your home, office, retail store, or studio.

For a limited time, Tanner Goods is offering 15% off the retail price in celebration of this new launch.

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