The Architectural Digest Design Show Celebrates GIRL POWER at MADE

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The Architectural Digest Design Show Celebrates GIRL POWER at MADE

It’s Women’s National History Month, and we are so excited to see how the design world is celebrating women. One of our favorites is MADE at the Architectural Digest Design Show, where the theme for this year is GIRL POWER. MADE is a juried section at the show where emerging and returning designers showcase their handcrafted and limited edition or one-of-a-kind furnishings, accessories and fine art pieces. Here are 12 women makers that we’re especially excited about.

Alexandra Kohl designs luminous fiber art made from cotton and horsehair. As an avid equestrian and horse trainer, she shows her deep love and admiration of horses by creating unique minimalist works of art that are beautiful and textural.

Bolé Road Textiles, the brainchild of Hana Getachew, will be launching her first line of rugs at MADE, as well as showcasing her new spring collection. She creates textiles with vibrant colors and graphic patterns—which are heavily influenced by her love for handwoven Ethiopian textiles and her love for interior design.

Caroline Z. Hurley is making her debut at MADE with her namesake textile company. Featuring a neutral palette and organic materials, all her textiles are block printed by a cooperative of Guatemalan artisans in New Bedford, MA, that were trained by her. She opened her first store in Greenpoint in 2016.

Elizabeth Sutton will be showing her bold, graphic art at MADE. Underneath each modern pop art work lays a foundation of mathematical proportion and algorithmic color placement. She aims to bring happiness and vitality to whatever room her art hangs in.

Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young have teamed up to create Estudio Persona, a multidisciplinary design studio. They are featuring Nido, a minimalist egg-shaped chair made of wood and leather. It has a strong base and curvy back, creating a round shape that’s both comfortable and stable at the same time.

Waltz 02, by Susan Weinthaler of Fiercely Curious, consists of grouped “Bits”, which are diminutive, magnetized objects. Bits can stand on their own, but shine even more when grouped together to be something bigger and more forceful. Bits are meant to always be taken apart and put together, rather than sitting idle.

Artist Judith Seligson will be showing her colorful, geometric abstract art. Not only will she include a singular digital painting, she will be displaying a selection of oils on panels.

Kate Casey, also known by her official maker moniker as Peg Woodworking, is a one-woman run operation where she makes unique collections out of wood. She will be exhibiting her newest work, which includes the Bastet End Tables, that are made of ebonized ash, white and green marble, and black ‘woodgrain’ marble.

Originally a classic client-designer relationship, Sacha Nizami and Grace Neal and eventually realized that their relationship could become more—and eventually created sachaGRACE, a design studio. Together, they take their fascination with Lucite and turn it into handcrafted objects of art to impress.

Samantha Sandbrook Art & Interiors will be showcasing her candy-colored art installations and sculptural objects at MADE. Focusing on detail and craftsmanship, she adds a playful and luxurious touch to her work through color and luxe materials.

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