The Beat Boxed: Kings of Leon

So you might not be familiar with Kings of Leon, well that is if you’ve been hiding in your closet for the last year and a half. These four boys, three brothers together with one cousin, from Nashville, TN have captured the attention of the world and then some. Their latest album, Only by the Night, is named after “Eleonora,” an Edgar Allan Poe short story about love and forgiveness beyond the grave. The reference sounds a little haunting huh?! This album has taken the Southern garage band and turned them into the polished stadium rock band of their dreams. Caleb’s “gravelly growl” mixed with the spooky, raw-edged riffs combine to turn filthy yet seductive lyrics into saintly sounds.

We couldn’t find an mp3, but you can listen to Revelry below:

The proper rock of Kings of Leon translates beautifully into an interior. This modern farmhouse nestled back in the woods is polished but raw. Like the voice of Caleb, the raw beauty and pure brilliance is sometimes breathtaking. The farm table and dresser are made out of completely reclaimed material and boast aesthetically sophisticated designs. The textured elements of the Atwater Pottery mixed with the smooth and sleek forms of the bed and the Moooi Lamp unite like the energy of the snarling drum lines, exotic guitar sweeps, with that voice the slices through you like butter. You are captured by the story of the Wild West artwork by Gabe Leonard just as you are the seductive lyrics of the KoL. These elements combine to create a more refined interior unlike one that may have previously been pulled off so effortlessly.


1. Kitchen 2. Acquatinta Pendant Light 3. AVL Seaterbench 4. Even Dinner Plates 5. Coneco Dining Table 6. Fog Linen Napkins 7. Slate Floor 8. Artwork Dead Man’s Hand 9. Federico Throw 10. Horse Lamp 11. Zanotta Bed 12. Elements 006 13. Original Genuine Bookshelf Wallpaper 14. Atwater Pottery 15. Beam 4 drawer Dresser 16. Clip Chair