The Beat Boxed: Metric
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“Did they tell you, you should grow up, when you wanted to dream?” If you’re anything like me then I’m sure you can relate to the first line of “Twilight Galaxy” on Metric’s latest album Fantasies. This is their 4th album and their most ambitious one yet. Emily Haines’ voice glosses over the lyrics like an epoxy coat glosses over a concrete floor. This story-like album takes you on a voyage to a place where wishful thinking and darker realities are given equal weight. But rather than relying on sappy internalization and sorrowful pity, Haines succeeds by honing in her instinctive nature of considered observation. It scratches through the surface layers and reveals something a little deeper. The Guardian says it perfectly, “Haines still has much to say about the state of the world, but the slinky, sexy tones of songs such as ‘Gimme Sympathy’ are the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.”


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Soft Citizen, a creative production company in Montreal, could very well be where we’ll find Metric shooting their next music video. Well at least I think they make a pretty good match, and not just because Metric is from Montreal! The newly designed offices by Ministry of the Interior are raw in the initial appeal but the combination of elements brings out the depth and character of the company. The light fixture in the entry dances above the distressed wood reception desk. The large mural floods the room with colors and vibrant energy as the playful deer invite each person on a fantasy adventure of their own. This environment fuels the creativity of the employees and allows them be true to their visions. Like the lyrics of Metric this interior challenges one to dig a little deeper, think a little further beyond what’s going on, and dream!

I am extremely fascinated by all that Metric has to say, not only in their songs, but between their songs. I would love to sit down to dinner with them in this Metric-inspired dining room. I’ve got plenty of time to listen. Let’s strip this room down as the night grows long, turn the dance floor on and let their music take us away! Sounds like a great night!


1. Aquatic Wallpaper by Pottok 2. Drag Lamp 3. Sarah Cihat Plates 4. Jazmine Table 5. Rock n Roll Rug by Henzel 6. Plana Chair 7. Showtime Vases 8. Flight Case Moroso by Diesel