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I’m sure most of you have set some goals for the year and started thinking about what’s to come in the year ahead. In 2010 a few of my goals are to take more baths (rather than showers that is), meditate often, and see The Flaming Lips perform live! Every January I start looking forward to Coachella and the release of the much anticipated lineup. After the success of Flaming Lips latest album Embryonic and the release of their version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, I am hoping that I can experience their greatness beneath the stars, surrounded by mountains and palms trees, in the gorgeous desert at this year’s festival! The Flaming Lips are deliciously weird, known for their psychedelic arrangements, esoteric lyrics, and have also been named one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die.” I think I need spend some time meditating on this one in my Flaming Lips-inspired bathroom!

“To see or not to see, to be in a gentle and magical form. Transparency and volume dancing together intertwining in a unique and endless hug. Floating, sensing and dreaming.” This description of the Arturo Álvarez Flu Lamp perfectly captures the feeling one should sense in this bathroom. The psychedelic kaleidoscope tiles dance on the floors and onto the walls with water like essence. The glass tub fills with water and disappears into the ground and you feel as if you’re floating inside the room. The veins of the black marble shoot through the prisms and create the powerful, but soft energy of water carving through rock. The lighting floats dreamily above while the energy and ethereal movements of the space make you feel like it’s some kind of hypnotist! Get it?!

1.  Dune Marmo Nero Wall Tile 2. Arturo Álvarez Flu Lamp 3. Blue Glitz 8 Dominic Crinson Tile 4. Opium Washbasin by Antonio Lupi 5. Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes by Wendy Bevan 6. Santambrogio Milano Bathtub Simplicity Collection

Watch the video for “Are You a Hypnotist”:

DJS, this insanely gorgeous retail store in Hong Kong, designed by Panorama International at first glance probably does not make you think…”Oh yeah, The Flaming Lips!” I am extremely intrigued by way the glowing Alabaster panels create such a rhythmic, glowing and energetic presence while the veins of the marble transcend through the space with ease. This connection reminds me of how the soothing nature of Wayne Coyne’s voice mixes with the dynamic instrumentation and the special effects of The Flaming Lips performance. I also feel like if you put inside this store and turned me in circles I probably wouldn’t be able to find my way out. I’d feel like I was floating in mid air, much like I’m imaging the way I’d feel if I was that jumbo ball floating over the crowd at a Flaming Lips show!