The Beat Boxed: Theophilus London

Were you one of the lucky ones who got to see Theophilus London perform at Hard NYC this past weekend? A couple weekends ago, I stepped into the Purple Lounge at the Standard not knowing what I was about to experience. Next thing I know I’m standing on the couches next to the stage grooving away. I was mesmerized by the performance of Theophilus London. His voice crept inside and soothed me while his beats moved me…literally! I see a lot of live shows and it’s rare that one can unexpectedly captivate me like this. I didn’t even have to hear it to know it…“It’s possible that he’s the arrival of a once-in-a-generation talent: Theophilus London is very much in this moment but not of it,” Hypebeast says. His music is a blend of rap and pop laced with creativity that doesn’t stop and it becomes something for everyone.

It was “This Charming Mixtape” that got him noticed, and it’s the “I Want You” mixtape that I have been  obsessively listening to on repeat. I know you’re dying to hear it so go and download it NOW!

Now check out “Humdrum Town,” his first single available on Green Label Sound.

The smooth vibe and sensual groove exude from the walls of this Theophilus London-inspired room. The rhythm of the Flavor Paper dances around like the fans at a show while the facets on the mirror reflect like the shades on his nose. The Tom Dixon couch stands tall and wraps you inside the walls. While the vintage Knoll chairs create a repeat like the strong and seductive beat. The chandelier shines bright and branches out just like London is about to do.  This room radiates with confidence and sparkles with glamor and it’s the darkness that makes you stammer. This is the guy’s chill out room, the place to let your ideas go and your rhythm flow.

1.  Flavor Paper Mirage 2. Modo Chandelier 3. Jannis Kounellis 4. Mirror 5. Warren Platner Chairs 6. Tom Dixon Wingback Sofa 7. Alice Coffee Table 8. Bolon Graphic flooring 9. Crate and Barrel wine glasses 10. Sagafoam Bottle Cooler