The Beat Boxed: Warpaint
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I have mad respect for these three beautiful female artists and that one badass male drummer. I’ve been lucky enough to see Warpaint perform live many times and have stood front row with hips swaying, head bopping, and jaw dropping. I just let them take me away into this gorgeous ethereal hypnotic state. Their live shows are mesmerizing and when you close your eyes it’s as if you’re laughing and running against the wind through an open field and into a dark forest with bright streams of light filtering in. “They claim to sound like a dichotomous amalgamation of danger and comfort.” —URB. And I agree. After the release of their EP, Exquisite Corpse, they were signed to Rough Trade Records and are currently working on their full length album due out Summer 2010. This is definitely a band to watch for in 2010.

Photos: Anna Williams Photography, Morten Holtum Photography

Photos: unknown, Morten Holtum Photography

The angelic voices of Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman float through the air, fill you up, and allow you to drift away, as Jenny Lee Lindberg carves at that bass like she’s carving through stone. The music of Warpaint is filled with energy and although at times it can be dark and eerie, the sounds are always beautiful. All parts work together to create something so surreal. The chemistry is natural and everything is perfectly unperfected. The sound really strips you down to a raw and unpolished state and just let’s you feel.

Watch the gorgeous and mysterious “Elephants” video:

As I interpret Warpaint into an interior I feel such a beautiful sense of mystery with this sweet, dark, and supernatural feel. When Warpaint was asked which movie best described their music the answer was Poltergeist, which literally means, “noisy spirit.” Each individual piece is beautiful, but the spirit behind the pieces is much darker. The Smoke and Mirrors piece deceives the eye while the Rope Lights dangle like nooses above the bronze sculpture. Soft feminine details of the moulding contrast with the raw concrete floor to create a slightly chilling effect. You can’t listen to Warpaint without, at some point feeling like you’re running through the forest, so this lamp is perfect with its turned base that emerges from an actual tree branch. Sit back and relax as the “Felt Up” chair wraps around you with its soft and gentle form and protects you from the beautiful eeriness that surrounds.

1. Rope Lighting 2. Smoke and Mirrors 3. Klara Sumova lamp 4. Lisa Connolly Artwork 5. Felt Up Chair 6. We Want More Sculpture