The Bell Chair Is a Modern Day Reiteration of the Ubiquitous Plastic Chair

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The Bell Chair Is a Modern Day Reiteration of the Ubiquitous Plastic Chair

There are few chairs more widely recognized in the world than the common, everyday plastic chair,  but for something that is so ubiquitous in the world, it’s also widely rejected as cheap, ugly, and disposable. This was the challenge that designer Konstantin Grcic set out to solve: to redesign the plastic chair into a modern day reiteration that was affordable, versatile, and responsible. Thus, the Bell Chair was born.

Designed for Magis, the Bell Chair is made from recycled polypropylene collected from industrial waste generated by Magis’ own furniture production, in addition to industrial waste from the local car industry, forming an almost closed material cycle. In this way, the chair is both recycled and 100% recyclable. Using recycled plastic also keeps the price of the chair down, making it more affordable for consumers at €65 each (approximately $105 USD) without sacrificing design, comfort, or function. Weighing in at just under 6 pounds, the Bell Chair has a bulbous, monobloc design that’s both visually appealing and extraordinarily comfortable.

Like the original plastic chair, the Bell Chari can be stacked, which is also how they are shipped to reduce the footprint during transportation. The recyclable red pallet that it’s shipped on also doubles as a store display for retailers.

The Bell Chair is available in three color: Sunrise, High Noon, and Midnight. To purchase or learn more, visit

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