The Blow Up Collection: Childhood Inflatables Turned Ceramic Art

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The Blow Up Collection: Childhood Inflatables Turned Ceramic Art

What if being grown up didn’t mean giving up your sense of play? Home Studyo, a Belgium-based design brand founded by Mathieu Van Damme of Case Studyo and Esther Noben of Toykyo, proudly unveils its debut collection, Blow Up, in a nod to childhood fun. Rather than letting that sense of whimsy fade away, you can tap into it every time you use an artifact from their collection. While a quick glance might have you believing the series of vases, carafes, planters, and mirrors are actual inflatables, the pieces are all ceramics handcrafted from clay in Portugal.

hand reaching for blue jug on a white shelf

The archetypal home furnishing forms are infused with excitement thanks to vivid colors including Bone, Indigo, Lila, Moss, Coral, Yolk, and Sky. And the careful detailing of apparently puckered plastic seams creates a delightful dissonance when users first encounter the object’s unexpected texture and weight.

A matte blue ceramic jug on a wooden board with sliced grapefruit, placed on a marble countertop.

Lavender pitcher, glass of water with mint, and halved grapefruit on a kitchen counter.

Person arranging tulips in a purple vase on a yellow side table.

Yellow vase with tulips on a wooden shelf.

A cactus in a yellow pot against a wall with abstract artwork.

A person's reflection in a round mirror, partially obscured by a potted plant.

white mirror on a woven mat

white mirror on the floor of brown tiled room

Green plant in a white pot against a brick wall on a tiled floor.

While most home decor objects are either mass produced for big box stores or made in small batches at a much higher price tag, Home Studyo wants to meet you somewhere in the middle. Their handcrafted, designer-made collections are affordable and accessible so that you can create a home where you’re surrounded by joyful objects. In future collections, Home Studyo will collaborate with artists to create limited edition pieces that can live happily alongside their in-house designs.

Three colorful ceramic pitchers in blue, green, and white, arranged in a row on a light background with shadows.

Five colorful vases arranged in a row on a white background.

A lineup of colorful, ceramic vases

To add charm and whimsy to your home with the Blow Up collection, visit

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