The Cold Bruer Coffee System

Santa Cruz, California-based industrial designers Gabe Herz and Andy Clark love nothing more than brewing and drinking delicious coffee. Their passion for the elixir itself and the ritual of making it inspired them to start their very own company, Bruer. Their first product, the Cold Bruer has only been sitting pretty on Kickstarter for two weeks and has already met its $30,000 pledge goal three times over.


The Cold Bruer is a coffee brewing system that uses slow, cold drips of water to make fresh coffee that can last up to weeks at a time. Cold brewed coffee actually has a more full flavor and is less acidic and bitter than hot brewed coffee. So while the young design duo isn’t the first to craft a cold drip coffee system, they are the first to make it more affordable, user-friendly, and just plain cool!


Here’s how it works: Pour ground coffee into the brewing chamber with the filter, pour cold water into the Tower, select the drip rate, and sit back and let the Cold Bruer work its magic. Depending on the drip rate you choose, it can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours to make, but what you will get in return is a smooth coffee that uses no electricity (or noise) to make.

Tower detail

Base Detail

The Cold Bruer is made from blown borosilicate glass along with, blue food-grade silicone plugs, and a stainless steel drip valve. The obvious (and figurative!) transparency of the compact design allows you to see exactly how simple it can really be to make good coffee. “You can see the water dripping, the coffee grounds saturating and expanding, and the brewed coffee slowly building in the lower chamber. Showcasing this visual process was one of our major goals for Cold Bruer,” says Andy Clark, half of the genius behind the Cold Bruer.

An early prototype of the Cold Bruer.

An early prototype of the Cold Bruer.

The Kickstarter campaign will run through October 10th. If you pledge 50 bucks, you’ll get the complete brewing system. If you snooze though, you’ll just be pre-ordering for more loot.

The final Cold Bruer design.

The final Cold Bruer design.

Grab it while it’s hot!

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