The Curvilinear Nomvdic Projector Wants to Be Noticed

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The Curvilinear Nomvdic Projector Wants to Be Noticed

The Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB is both a mouthful of a name and a bit of an outlier in the realm of home theater. Most ultra short throw projectors – like the LG CineBeam or the recent Benjamin Hubert designed XGIMI Mira – aspire toward a tastefully modern presence intended to blend into the home. But the California-based Nomvdic offers a boldly conspicuous design paired with an array of top tier features optimized to deliver a 100-inch 4K home theater experience from less than 7-inches away.

Front view of the red and black Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector

Like any projection system, identifying room viewing conditions and your preferred source of content is essential to satiate expectations. In households where content is primarily viewed at night, the Nomvdic will deliver a cinematic experience. In rooms with the intrusion of daylight or other sources of light, it’s best to temper expectations (and invest in light dimming window treatments).

With a sleek undulating grilled front colored in bold combination of red, bronze, and black, the ultra short throw projector from Nomvdic gives off the impression that the company’s industrial design team might have imagined the Bugatti Chiron owner or found inspiration from the architecture of Zaha Hadid.

Overhead top view of the red and black Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector

Behind its front colonnade of red slats hides a pair of 25 watt speakers engineered by Harmon Kardon to work with DTS HD and Dolby Audio, with the sides dedicated to ventilation – an important necessity for a RGB triple laser outputting up to 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness. Those speakers will do fine if you want to keep your setup to a minimum, but considering the cinematic experience, one is likely seeking to invest in a projector. It’s best to pair the laser TV with at least a sizable soundbar, if not additional surround sound and subwoofer for full immersion.

True to its ultra short throw moniker, the Nomvdic is designed to project a picture anywhere between 65 to 150 inches, inviting a diversity of placement without the necessity of dedicating a wall solely to a television, whether it is set across a console/table top or even suspended upside-down mounted onto the ceiling.

Side view of the red and black Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector

The projector takes into account that sometimes children or pets may venture too close to the projector’s immensely bright and possibly eye damaging output. The intelligent eye-protection system is designed to automatically turn off the light source when someone nears the projector.

AI often gets a bad wrap these days, but in the case of Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB, the technology operates as a wholly beneficial feature, allowing for the projector to automatically optimize its projected output across less than perfect surfaces or screens. This includes the AI system tweaking the four corners and fine tuning output to correct for other warping conditions.

Front angled view of the red and black Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector

Even if you don’t do a single thing except switch the projector’s output to TV or Movie mode, you’ll enjoy an excellent image, especially when paired with a projection screen with surface optimized for optimal contrast.

“But what about the picture,” you ask? The 4K UHD picture out of the box is vivid and especially bright. Compared to the LG CineBeam, the Nomvdic requires an additional inch or so of distance from the wall to produce the same size image, but does so with a noticeably brighter output despite its specs trailing those listed of its LG counterpart. Content taking advantage of its HDR10/HLG support is especially captivating, if a wee bit oversaturated. Like any projector the Nomvdic performs best after a bit of tweaking to optimize the picture specific to your room’s walls and windows, alongside what you like to watch. The unit allows for calibration using a full feature color management system alongside individual color, tint, and brightness adjustments. Connected to an AppleTV and Amazon FireStick during testing, 4K HDR content delivered a particularly immersive viewing experience.

Back view of the red and black Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB 4K UST Triple Laser TV Projector's numerous connectivity ports with labels showing each port name, plus a disconnected power plug port.

Nomvdic’s UST projector is equipped with three HDMI ports, including one dedicated to HDMI eARC, the hardware and software connectivity standard that allows for different components to work together using a single remote. Two USB ports allow for the connection of streaming stick devices like the Amazon Firestick as a source, with additional ports dedicated to wired connectivity via LAN and S/PDF and audio out for further home theater setup options.

At $2,899, the Nomvdic P2000UST-RGB is priced aggressively in an increasingly competitive field of other next generation projectors, which continue to bring ever larger pictures into our living rooms. The bold design may be divisive, but nobody can claim the Laser TV falls short in making an impression in output nor its industrial design. It wants to be seen as much as watched.

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