The Esse Lamp Was Born of Pandemic Restrictions

Like so many small businesses, Plato Design and Sign Press were looking for a way to stay creative and promote independent production during this strange time of isolation. The Esse lamp is their answer, a way to demonstrate how to begin to move forward and focus on the future.

Made by hand by Roman designers Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri, the half-moon shaped Esse lamp uses the few resources and tools available during this stalled time and eliminates the extras while still creating pleasure in the process of design. Mattei and Naglieri both reflected upon the the possible future product chain the design industry may undergo following COVID-19 during their process. By focusing on manufacturing, craftsmanship, and local resources, Mattei and Naglieri created non-complex molds and began making the light right at home with elementary forms and colors.

Half of all proceeds from Esse’s sales will be donated to help all countries affected by the virus, with the affordable price of the lamp allowing as many people as possible to join the initiative. For each lamp sold, €35 will be donated to the Lang Europe Onlus Foundation in support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization. Donations will go towards supporting workers on the front lines, giving them necessary tools and information, and to increase resources in the search for vaccines, tests, and therapies.

Fund the fully backed Esse lamp here.

Kelly Beall is Director of Branded Content at Design Milk. The Pittsburgh-based writer and designer has had a deep love of art and design for as long as she can remember, from Fashion Plates to MoMA and far beyond. When not searching out the visual arts, she's likely sharing her favorite finds with others. Kelly can also be found tracking down new music, teaching herself to play the ukulele, or on the couch with her three pets – Bebe, Rainey, and Remy. Find her @designcrush on social.