The Fragile Collection
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The Fragile Collection is a collection of unique objects by Swedish designers Lina Huring, Maria Johansson, and Helena Svensson. The vases, lamps, and tables are inspired by the antique, the balance of form and the trophies we collect. It was exhibited in Milan at Salone last month.

Collected Trophys by Lina Huring, Maria Johansson
Unique objects that celebrate the balance of form and epochs of design. Like tokens that hold stories and tension between shapes.

Lina and Maria are independent furniture designers, who met at the Design Acadeymy Eindhoven in 2007. They are both based in Stockholm and have been working with H&M, Skultuna, Stockholm City, Front, among others. Lina and Maria are part of the design collective HEADOFFICE in Stockholm.

Trophy Table
The little porcelain table is something inbetween a decorative object and a table. Like a trophy, shiny and cold with hand painted decor that tells stories of adventures in the deep forest.

Poise Light
Basic shapes, perfectly balanced to carry the lightsource. A sculptural piece in polished brass.

Equilibrium Vessel
A heavy black body of glass, inspired by amphoras and the celebration of man.

Reeling Bowl
The tension in the tilted bowl is playing with perception.

Helena Svensson
Helena works as a designer in Stockholm. She graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2009 and has since then been working for IKEA and Mairo, among others.

For Every Little Thing
A transparent piece of furniture. Opposites like open/closed and concealed/visible separate the elements we normally do not show or see in a home. Objects that otherwise receive no attention are highlighted and the table works a bit like a museum of you.

The Glass Collection
A three-piece glass Carafe. Together, these pieces create a symbiosis and become a combination between an everyday product and a sculptural object.

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