The Future of Home Exhibition Showcases Scotland’s Design Culture

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The Future of Home Exhibition Showcases Scotland’s Design Culture

Fifteen Scotland-based designers and design studios revealed 40 new objects at The Future of Home exhibit at Local Heroes during the London Design Festival. Curated by Dr. Stacey Hunter, director of Local Heroes, each object was imagined as one that could live in a home to reflect the fluidity between workspace and living space. From furniture and lighting to textiles and collectible craft, the show conveys the curiosity and discovery that can be found in Scotland’s design culture.

ream of patterned wallpaper hanging and red textile draped over armchair

Bespoke Atelier, Jeni Allison \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

The Future of Home responds to Brompton Design District’s theme ‘From here on…’ and invites visitors to reignite optimism and youthful exuberance. From concrete furniture created through innovative processes to new materials invented to create more sustainable pieces, the result is a fresh, bold exhibition conveying the sense of curiosity and discovery found in Scotland’s design culture. Contemporary Scottish design is rooted in places and communities, as well as plenty of collaboration and co-designing both locally and internationally. It’s a generous approach with sharing ideas, know-how and attitude towards innovation.

two wood side tables/stools in white room

Chalk Plaster \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

The impetus behind this Local Heroes exhibition is my belief that it is time for Scotland to take its place in the world as a design nation. We have a population size similar to Norway and Denmark. However, our design culture is not yet as well-articulated or as easily identifiable. Despite this, contemporary design and craft in Scotland is flourishing. I see the potential to capitalize on and develop this, and with projects like The Future of Home we hope to raise the profile of design and its contribution to our cultural and economic well-being.

– Dr. Stacey Hunter

sculptural white wall shelf with organically shaped wood chair and stool

C.A. Walac, Myatt-McCallum \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

New materials, innovative processes and playful designs resulted in product launches from an emerging generation of designers and established brands alike. Participants in The Future of Home included Bespoke Atelier, C.A. Walac, Chalk Plaster, Hilary Grant, Instrmnt Applied Design x Hame, James Rigler, Jeni Allison, Mirrl, Myatt-McCallum, Nicholas Denney Studio, Pavilion Pavilion, Simon Harlow, Studio Sam Buckley, Urpflanze and Walac x Juli Bolaños-Durman. Visit The Future of Home to explore more about each individual project.

chair with handmade blanket in white room

Hilary Grant, Simon Harlow \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

palm leaf shaped light fixture, chair, and wood side table/stool in white room

Clockwise: Urpflanze, MIRRL, Simon Harlow, Chalk Plaster \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

green patterned shelf hanging on white wall

James Rigler \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

two piece of wooden organic furniture

Myatt-McCallum \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

blue and grey textile hanging on wall

Jeni Allison \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

side table and armchair in white room

Nicholas Denney Studio, Instrmnt Applied Design x Hame \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

table with creative lamps, pattern wall shelf, and hanging grey textile

Walac x Juli Bolaños-Durman, James Rigler, Jeni Allison \\\ Photo: Reuben Paris

exterior of old building with The Future of Home on the glass

Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

reams of patterned wallpaper hanging

Bespoke Atelier \\\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

two patterned wall shelves and a bench with gold objects

Hame, James Rigler \\\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

two multicolored textiles hanging on a white wall

Hilary Grant \\\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

round white table surrounded by four dark dining chairs

Simon Harlow \\\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

creative found glass table lighting

Walac x Juli Bolaños-Durman \\\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda

To learn more about The Future of Home, visit

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