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creative found glass table lighting
Walac x Juli Bolanos Duram \\ Photo: Matthew Gonzalez Noda
  • ream of patterned wallpaper hanging and red textile draped over armchair
  • sculptural white wall shelf with organically shaped wood chair and stool
  • sculptural white wall shelf
  • two wood side tables/stools in white room
  • palm leaf shaped light fixture, chair, and wood side table/stool in white room
  • chair with handmade blanket in white room
  • green patterned shelf hanging on white wall
  • blue and grey textile hanging on wall
  • two piece of wooden organic furniture
  • side table and armchair in white room
  • table with creative lamps, pattern wall shelf, and hanging grey textile
  • reams of patterned wallpaper hanging
  • two patterned wall shelves and a bench with gold objects
  • two multicolored textiles hanging on a white wall
  • exterior of old building with The Future of Home on the glass
  • round white table surrounded by four dark dining chairs
  • creative found glass table lighting